Monday, 6 August, 2007

Hands on with Zonetag v3.0 for Symbian

Yahoo Research Berkeley has finally released the S60 v3 version of Zonetag. Zonetag was one of those apps which worked beautifully on s60 v2 phones ,letting you upload your photos to flickr or your blog , at the same time allowing you to tag them with location specific tags. The new version for s60v3 devices does all this and more .. !!!

To download the app for your symbian phone you will first need a yahoo ID . The next step would be to go to and login using your yahoo account. After logging in you should be greeted with a screen like this.

Just click on the install button on the top of the screen and you can choose between having the link sent to your mobile (cingular and t-mobile only ) , download via web browser ..or download the app to your p.c. After choosing the correct s60 edition.. You are all set to go.

I downloaded the App using the web link method. The installation was pretty straightforward. If the app asks you for a code while installing , you have to get it from the yahoo zonetag page you logged into on your p.c .

The best part about the new s60 v3 version is that it supports the internal GPS of the nokia N95. It can automatically get your current coordinates and embed these into the EXIF data when you click a snap. But mind you .. Zonetag has to be up and running in the background , and you should have a GPS fix on the satellites if you want the photo to be tagged.

You can tag the photos based on where you want them to be uploaded and even create custom tags through the yahoo zonetag page. For example ... I create a tag named "!blog: flickr" and all the photos tagged with this tag will automatically be uploaded to my flickr account too. Zonetag even has the ability to get RSS feeds ..although you have to set this up from the "customize my tag suggestions" on the zonetag webpage. You can change the post title , set permissions and privacy levels ( if you are uploading to flickr) , and manually enter the location (in case gps coordinates are not available).

Another improvement is the addition of SCANR to the zonetag app. Scanr is a service that lets you snap any documents / visiting cards and when you upload them , it automatically scans the photos and sends it to your email in a digital format.

To conclude ..I would say this app totally Rocks !! Uses very less memory , very stable ..and very very useful !! Other options to geo tag photos would be LocR and Shozu ..both of which i have reviewed earlier... but i can safely say that this nifty little app beats them all !! Although it might not offer as much media integration as shozu does (i.e webcasts , channels etc) ..but if you want a basic app which will allow you to geo tag your photos , and upload them on the fly ..then this is probably the best application out there. N95 owners ... this is one app you must have on your handset !!

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