Thursday, 30 August, 2007

Nokia Launches New Maploader v1.2 and Maps !!

Yesss... !! After months of delays , Nokia has finally launched the newest version of its maploader and a new maps client for the Nseries and Eseries phones.
The Good news is that the maps for countries like India are back !
Thank you Nokia !

Full downloads are now available for the Nokia E61i and E65, as well as full 1.0 upgrades for the Nokia N95 and E90..!!

Head over to nokia europe to download v1.2 of the nokia maploader and phone client.

I just installed it on my N95 ...and it doesnt seem much different from the older version ..apart from a new version number on the about screen. All in all ...I am really happy that nokia re-released the India maps again. So if any of you guys had your country maps missing is a good time to check and see if nokia maps has maps for your country...and do let me know if you find any major improvements on the way !

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