Friday, 14 September, 2007

Opera Mini has some serious competition !!

The guys over at have just come outta the blue with a worthy contender to the java based mobile browser wars !! I am a huge Opera fan ..but after just a few days with this awesome browser ...the temptation to go to the dark side is just too strong. And mind you ...its still in the alpha version there will be a lot more features added ..and a lot of the bugs ironed out the near future.

Where do I start ?? Firstly... The whole download and installation process was smooth. No problems there . The app starts up faster than opera mini ..has a much bouncier feel to it and even manages to look much better in the process. If you are used to apps like widsets ...then this should be familiar territory for you .

As you can see from the screen shots ..the app has a very clean home page and a similar history page . The best feature i liked about it was the auto complete feature typing out previously visited addresses isn't a pain anymore . Another great feature is that the app automatically detects all the rss feeds for the page you are visiting and you can add them via the rss feed option in the menu.

As you can see from the screenshots above , you have the option of zooming in and out of the page and even changing the mode from landscape , portrait.
You can even check , sync or remove feeds from the RSS feeds page .

The settings page is almost similar to that of opera mini and you can choose your orientation , the quality of the images and the rss feed notification.

The Verdict : In my opinion this browser is much better than opera mini 4 and the nokia inbuilt browser combined. The smooth scrolling and the auto complete features are awesome. Another great feature is the ability to search for a particular word in a page and even the feature where you can google up the meaning or definition of any highlighted words shown in the screenshot. And considering that teashark is just in the alpha stage , the opera mini team will really have to pull up their socks to match this serious contender. A few bugs right now would be the way the browser handles logins . for e.g it wouldn't log me into no matter how hard i tried , and i had to log in again for every single action i performed on orkut , but i'm sure these bugs will be taken care of in future versions.

In case you are interested or want to know more about this awesome browser.. head over to from your p.c , or go to from your mobile browser.

Let the mobile-browser wars begin !! :D

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