Thursday, 21 February, 2008

Google Launches Native S60 Search App !!

This just in ...the folks from the all about symbian site are reporting that google has launched a native s60 search plugin . The app is activated by pressing the pencil key and provides similar functionality to the Nokia inbuilt search application. Check out some screen shots and point your mobile browser to to download the app !! I haven't tested it yet do let me know what you think of it !

Head over to to check out the rest of the article !

Friday, 15 February, 2008

Nokia Maps V2.0 Beta Released !!

The guys over at nokia beta labs are on a roll and have recently rolled out yet another juicy beta .this time of the new n improved Nokia Maps application. The New v2.0 Nokia Maps features a all new interface with the options to view maps in 3D , Google maps and hybrid maps. It also includes the "pedestrian" mode where you can have breadcrumb trails of your walk around the city streets. This is something unique which i have never seen in any other GPS mapping software. Kudos to Nokia for including this. I tried out the app and found the new interface very refreshing and less buggy than the old version.

Head over to to download the application , and do let me know what you think !

Nokia Announces Four New Phones !!

The N96 is the successor to the N95. The new phone is optimized for video and TV and hence supports high-quality videos in a host of formats. Besides, it features a large 2.8-inch screen and 16GB of internal memory. The N96 is expected to be available by Q3 of 2008.

The N78 is targeted at music, navigation and photography experiences. Also it combines Nokia services like Nokia Music Store, Nokia Maps, and Share on Ovi. The N78 will hit the stores in Q2 of 2008.

Nokia 6220 is another high-end phone showcased at MCW. The new device features a 5 megapixel camera with A-GPS functionality. Furthermore, the phone also allows users to edit, tag and share images online. Users can also view the images on TV. The Nokia 6220 will start shipping in Q3 of 2008.

Nokia 6120 Navigator is Nokia’s first GPS-enabled phone that is equipped with an integrated compass for pedestrian guidance. Also the new phone incorporates newly launched Maps 2.0 software. Like the Nokia 6220, the Nokia 6210 Navigator will ship in Q3 of 2008.