Wednesday, 29 August, 2007

Nokia Announces 5 New Phones !! has finally officially announced the N95 8GB , N81(8gb), N81 (expandable memory) , 5610 xpress music , and the 5310 xpress music at the Nokia GO PLAY event held at London. Well...the N958gb and the N81 was no great surprise ,...but i had'nt heard of the others before today. Apart from this Nokia has Also announced the launch of "OVI" which would be the name for Nokia's internet services division. The also announced N-gage platform and nokia's new music store would come under this division too.As part of Ovi, Nokia announced the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage, two services that make it easy for people to discover, try and buy music and games from a blockbuster range of artists and publishers, including exclusive content only available through Nokia. Also under the Ovi umbrella is Nokia Maps, a navigation service that offers maps, city guides and more directly to compatible mobile devices. Nokia aims to bring more Internet based services to Ovi in the coming months.

More photo's from the event :

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