Friday, 3 August, 2007

N93i v/s N95 Comparison shots.

Some comparison shots of a N93i v/s a N95 both shot at 3 mega pixels. As you can see..the pictures from the N93i appear to be a bit washed out. I don't know if its because the N95 has a more powerful flash ..or is it just the way the image rendering algorithms on the N93i are programmed.Anyways ...I felt the shots from the N95 were very vibrant ..even in Macro mode you can see in the second shot.Another thing i noticed in the N93i's menu ..was the option of "Flicker cancellation". Is this what the N93i uses for noise reduction in night mode photographs ?? But sadly enough..I found the n93i's flash wanting in snaps clicked in dark areas. Both the N93i and the N95 do equally well when the object is at say 20 cms from the lens, but when its further than that ..i found the N95's flash to be more effective and the picture quality much better. Of course the N93i will kick the N95's ass when it comes to Optical zoom...But for general use ..nothing beats the N95's camera quality...Even at 3 mega pixels. :)

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