Tuesday, 17 July, 2007

Hands on with Shozu v3.2

Shozu was one of those apps that was plagued with a lot of problems in the previous version . It used to hog memory , cause my N95 to crash and reboot randomly and i used to get the dreaded "memory full" error quicker than you can say jack sparrow !!

But now ..The shuzu team has released Version 3.20.. And its not just their logo that has changed !! Apart from adding a lot of more zucasts ...they have even added a lot more partners.You can now post your videos and photos to Youtube , Flickr , Kodak easy share , livejournal , wordpress , blogger ...and the list goes on. For all the people who are hearing about shozu for the first time can head down to and grab your free copy of the app.You have to sign up...and choose your phone model..and the link will be sms'd to you..or you can even grab it online. You can even schedule your zucast download time and download limit online the zucasts you have subscribed to will be downloaded only during the time you have set it to.

But has the application really improved in performance and stability ?? I'd say yes !! With the previous version of shozu i had this problem where the gprs connection never terminated ,and i had to manually disconnect it from the connection manager. This issue seems to have been fixed with the new version.

Also ...There will always be a shozu process running in the background . I couldnt get the low down on how much memory this uses ...but judging from the fact that i dont get those memory full errors anymore...seems like the shozu team has done a pretty good job in keeping the memory usage low. EDIT : just found out that since i've installed shozu on my mem card ..and the process runs continously in the background ..I cannot connect my N95 in the mass storage device mode until and unless I kill the shozu app using some task manager app like swissknife utilities or ytasks :(

The standard features like Geo-tagging seem to be the same . The fact to be noted about the geo-tagging feature that you should be locked on to the gps satellites for the geo tagging feature to work.So what i do is the GPS data app in the background...let it lock on to the GPS satellites ..and then proceed to click photos.

There are a lot more zucasts too.Now you can subscribe to casts from buzznet , rocketboom and a lot more media providers.

The contact backup feature works as well as it did in the previous versions.Nothing new to report here....but its really good to have such a feature.Something that nokia has not been able to conjure up yet. I know we can backup our contacts to pc suite or lifeblog ..or even the memory card...but why cant nokia have a common online service for all its customers where they can safely store their contacts , pictures and videos ..upto a certain limit ??I'd rather wirelessly sync my contacts to an online service other than backing them up to my pc. I think this is one of the features that nokia should really look into before its too late and someone else steals the show.

In all I'd say the new shozu v3.2 app is a huge improvement over its previous version.Not only have the number of media channels increased ...but the interface is much quicker and memory issues have reduced considerably. It might not be the perfect app... but it looks like its heading in the right direction . This app has a lot of scope to be the next big thing in terms of media integration and push button publishing i'm looking forward to a lot more improvements and features to be added to shozu over the next few months. As usual...Let me know what are your views on this app.It's always nice to have a good discussion going on . :o)

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