Friday, 27 July, 2007

Utorrent Web UI goes mobile....

The good guys at have developed a simple web interface that all the torrent junkies out there ..can remotely monitor their torrents from anywhere..via their cellphones.

To make this work you would need to have utorrent 1.6.1 or higher with web UI installed and activated(and also the port should be forwarded if you are behind a router/firewall). Then all you need to do is point your phone browser to and fill in the required info the port number ..username/ password ..all you are all set to remotely control your torrents wherever you are.

The following functions are supported by the current version :

-Monitoring torrents running on your desktop PC from your mobile phone via WAP or GPRS
-Start, Pause and Stop all downloads in one go
-Customize the maximum upload and download speed rate in the ĀµTorrent client

Awesome.. !! I'm in love with it already !! :o)

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