Thursday, 26 July, 2007

Nokia Customer Service .... more like... No Customer Service

One thing that really gets me irritated is when people skip timelines...And this is exactly the thing the folks at the Nokia Level 2 service centre at pune are good at doing. I purchased my nokia N95 in April 2007 just a few days after the official India Launch. After fiddling about with the phone and the accessories for a few days i realised that i was one of the many unlucky ones to get a faulty AD-43 audio adapter. Thinking that it would get replaced easily , i took it to the aforementioned service centre and submitted it in for replacement. The lady at the counter assured me that i would get a replacement within two weeks time. After two weeks i called them up again to ask them about it ..and they told me that it would take another two weeks. I called them up after another two weeks and they tell me that nokia hasnt sent the spares to them i'll have to wait for an indefinite amount of time ..till the spares arrive ?? WTF ??? A level 2 Nokia Service centre telling me that they dont have the replacement ..and have no idea when its going to arrive ?? This really ticked me off and i called up the Nokia India Helpline number and registered a complaint with them. The nokia customer service associate assured me that they would speak to the people at pune level 2 centre and i should get my replacement within a week. I called the level 2 centre after a week and they still tell me the same old story. I called up the nokia helpline again ..and its almost like a deja vu experience !! Today ...i decided to go personally to the level 2 centre ...and again they tell me they still dont have the replacement. This speaks volumes about the sorry state of nokia customer service in India. Its been almost 3 months now ..and they've sent me running around pillar to post to get the AD-43 audio adapter replaced..which should have worked in the first place..!!

And I don't think that this applies only to me . A visit to any of the service centers in pune and you would actually see a number of irritated people , unsatisfied customers and equally pensive attendants. I love Nokia as a company ..and all the exciting phones and technology they debut...but they really have to pull their socks up in terms of customer service ...especially in growing markets like India. We Indians generally aren't very forgiving when it comes to bad customer service ...and the same people who voted to make nokia one of the super-brands of the year could be the same ones who would lead to its downfall in the Indian Market. Nokia ..are you listening ??

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