Thursday, 1 November, 2007

N95 Accelerometer in action...

Soon after the news of the new rotate me application that uses the built in level sensor...

This is awesome. I searched for videos of this on the net and couldnt find any i had to post one of my own. I wonder why nokia has not developed any applications that use this yet ? It would unleash the true potential of the N95.For those of you interested in Downloading the can find it here :

1.Install the N95 RD Accelerometer Plug-in package (there is a sis file inside the .zip file...thats all you need)

2.Install the MovingBall_Example.sisx to your phone.

3.Enjoy killing time with this awesome app !! :)

Expect to see more apps using this awesome functionality to be released soon...
This is sooooooo coool !!

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