Monday, 12 November, 2007

Nokia N77 unboxing pics

Well...the great guys over at WOM world sent me the N77 to review. Here are some initial unboxing pics. And make no mistake ..this phone is built specifically for one purpose ..and one purpose only... and that is to enable you to watch the mobile tv broadcasts on your mobile phone . Unfortunately ...India as of now does not have any mobile tv broadcasts (expect for in the capital city ..delhi) so i couldn't really test out this feature of the cellphone. And the reason i stressed on this feature is because this is probably what this device does best as i found it to be pretty lacking in all the other departments.

The camera is a 2megapixel camera (NO carl Zeiss optics) so its pretty mediocre. another thing that bugged me was the keypad...Its almost like a smooth slate with no indication as to when one key ends and another begins. After using my N95 for so long was pretty difficult to type out an sms on this keypad and i found myself making a lot of mistakes.

Fortunately the battery life is the saving grace and the BP-6m battery seems to be quite the powerhouse.(wonder why nokia engineers didnt use this battery in the N95).
Build wise the phone pretty much resembles the N73 and could almost be called a N73 clone in some angles.

I will be posting a camera review soon stay tuned.

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