Thursday, 29 November, 2007

Google Maps for Mobile goes 2.0

Google has released an update of its popular maps application for mobile phones ..and here's the best part. Now even NON GPS phones can find their approximate location based on the information provided by the cellular towers (cell-ID). This is a really cool feature ..although i bet it must have taken a lot of coaxing on google's part to allow the cellular companies to part with the locations of their towers. This is a great new feature where your approximate location is displayed as a light blue circle i.e the range of the cellular tower nearest to you.This is a real boon for all the non gps equipped phones out there. Kudos to google for making the maps application even more versatile.I'm sure Nokia will follow suit too. To see a demo the video below.

You can download the latest google maps for mobile from the link below :

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