Saturday, 19 May, 2007

The Widgets Are Here ..!!

I was listening to a podcast featuring some eminent bloggers from the voice of s60 yesterday , and they were all complaining about one thing ..why has nokia delayed widget integration to the symbian os 9 feature pack 2 ?? Why didn't they include it with feature pack 1 ?? Agreed ..there are sites like where you can create and customize your own widgets ..but they dont really have that smoothness in operation and they dont really look and feel as good as the real thing.

Then I stumbled upon Webwag....

Although still in Beta , webwag offers a great application which i would say is the closest to the look and feel of actual widgets on the Pc.It works splendidly on my Nokia N95 and the features it offers are simply amazing. To get started you have to head over to and sign up for an account .

After doing so you will be taken to the homepage where you can customize the widgets you want to display by clicking on the small mobile icon next to the minimize icon on the widget. Just click on edit ..enter your specific account details , customize the widget ..and you are all set to go.

Once you are done with the customization you select your handset type and click on the link that says "install webwag on your mobile".Enter your mobile phone details and you will be sent a link via sms . You can also download the app from the web at

After I received the sms , i clicked on the link to download the application. Although the webpage said there was no version for the N95 , i downloaded the generic version which works just fine.

After installing the app , once you open it you will have to go to the settings and enter your webwag username and password.

Once you click on synchronize ..the app syncs with your mobile layout on the webwag website and downloads the same to your handset.

Once you have sync's the changes should be reflected ..and you are all set to enjoy widgets on your S60.

More screenshots...

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