Friday, 18 May, 2007

Gizmo Project On The Nokia N95

Nokia Beta Labs has finally launched the much awaited Gizmo app for the Nokia N95. I for one was looking forward to this for a long time , as I previously tried the N80i version from the Gizmo website and it dint work, and I had a hard time uninstalling it.
This new version also supports GPRS ..but that would be mainly for communicating your status and chatting and not calls. For making calls you NEED a Wi-Fi connection and unlike Fring it is not possible to use this to make calls over your GPRS/3G connection.

The best thing about this is the excellent phonebook integration ..and an option of buying gizmo call out credit right from your cellphone.You can also set your status and also search for other users through the app.This app is pretty useless if you do not have Wi-Fi connectivity , or there are no Wi-Fi hotspots around , But if you do have either of these , and since the gizmo project is offering free VOIP calls to landlines and cell phones in selected countries... This is one app really worth trying.

Click here to download the Gizmo Project app for the Nokia N95

P.S : Both the components should be installed to the Phone memory only !!

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