Tuesday, 22 May, 2007

8 Motions ... The all in one GPS mapping , tracking, geo-tagging & buddy monitoring App !!

Another day .. Another great Application...and that too FREE of cost !! Thomas Landspurg , who is one of the people working on the webwag widgets app i reviewed earlier sent me his pet project 8 MOTIONS to test on my Nokia N95. 8 motions is a GPS mapping , tracking and buddy monitoring app. You can use it to find out where you are Via GPS (supports both internal gps like the N95 and external bluetooth gps ) , You can use it for route mapping , directions to places , and also to track your buddies locations .

To use this awesome app have to first register at , after you enter your mobile number on your profile , you can have the link to the app sent to you by sms.
When i tried to download the app from my mobile through the wap link ,Although the wap page didn't recognize my mobile properly , the jar file got downloaded and worked just fine.

After installing the app on the mobile , you can either set your gps position , by allowing it to access gps data , and you can also see where you are by letting the application download maps via gprs. This app works similar to mgmaps , but has some additional features that give it an edge. One interesting feature of this app is the ability to click a snap , geotag it and upload it to your flickr account . Although to do this you have to go to and enter the code given there into the token field in the application ...and you're all set to upload your geo tagged photos to flickr. Sweeeeeet !! :)

Another interesting thing about this application is the fact that you can find out or track your buddy locations . As soon as anyone in your buddy list logs into the application and his position is updated via gps and the app , you can view his position too by clicking on the respective buddy in the buddy list. So now you can keep track of your friends 24x7. Sounds kinda like "big brother" ..doesn't it ?? :D

Another cool feature is the compass , and the GPS tracking feature. You can set the app to record your GPS movement ..for e.g your car / bike ride , and it will continuously poll the gps at the interval specified by you , and update your location coordinates to a file. You can later export this file and view it on applications like Google earth to get an outline of your route.these tracks can then be re-used to navigate to the same place again ..or even shared with your buddies. You can even download new tracks and use them.
The application even lets you toggle between 4 different map providers ..which are Google , Msn , Ask and Yahoo. So what are you waiting for ? This is one cool app which in my opinion combines the best features of mgmaps + shozu + googlemaps mobile into one nifty little application.And although there is no Wi-fi support at the moment is still one of the best GPS and geotagging apps I've come across in a long time.Go ahead ..give it a try ..and do let me know what you think of it.

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