Friday, 18 May, 2007

N95 GPS Route Mapping.

Well..for starters ..i didn't think much of the GPS system.Heck..I didn't even think that it'd work in India !! But the most amazing part is that it does work ....and works superbly !! I used it to track a bike ride from kothrud to koregaon park (in pune )...and mind you ...the N95 was in my pocket all the time ..and yet the device performed extremely well and didn't even drop the signal once.The Nokia Sports Tracker which I used to record GPS data throughout my trip is free ware and can be downloaded here.
It works with all Symbian 0S V9 devices , but if you are using a phone without an inbuilt GPS , you will need to use an external bluetooth GPS module to capture GPS data. If you want to see what the Nokia Sports Tracker + the N95 GPS receiver is capable of ...check out some of my GPS Route Maps below : (I would suggest that you set the maps to the satellite mode for the best effect. :D)


Paud Road to Koregaon Park

Koregaon Park to Pride Parmar Galaxy

Kalyani Nagar to Pride Parmar Galaxy

Sweet Chariot to Pride Parmar Galaxy

Part of the Pune-Goa Highway


Sarzora to Chinchinim

Sarzora to Margao

Margao to Furtados at sernabatim

Dabolim Airport to Margao

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