Saturday, 29 March, 2008

N95 v/s N82 Night shots !!

The great guys at WOMWORLD had sent me a N82 to review a few weeks back. I wanted to post this article sooner , but I was really busy for the past few days. I tested out how the N95 fared compared to the N82 xenon flash. The photos were all clicked in pitch darkness just because I wanted to compare the effect of the xenon flash compared to the LED equipped N95.The result ? The N82 wins by miles. Simply no competition here. Although the N95 did manage to shoot some decent pics when the subject was in focus . Else ...its the N82 all the way !! If you're the type of person who parties a lot ..or clicks a lot of snaps in really dark places...then the N82 is definitely the phone for you !!

Check out the comparison photos here :

Lemme know what you think.

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neil said...

i think it is a great phone!!!! very good, but the bad it is the memory ram, it is to little :(

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