Thursday, 3 December, 2009

N97 mini Unboxing

The awesome people over at Nokia Womworld sent me a N97 mini to trial.  Now I've been hearing all sorts of mixed reviews about its elder sibling the Nokia N97 , and i wanted to see for myself how the little brother stacks up against it. Here are some of my initial observations during the unboxing :

1. The packaging 

Nokia has really gone forward and taken the "mini" concept to a whole new level. The packaging is neat and slim. I have compared the sizes of the boxes of my N95 and the N97 mini just to give you a brief idea of how slim the box is. Nokia has really pulled of a wonderful "Mini" marketing strategy with this one.

I think thats what the "Experiment #097" is all about , "experimenting with smaller packaging". I think that this is a positive step and I would love to see other N-series phones ship with minimalistic space saving packaging too.

2. The Contents

As soon as you open the box , you will see the N97 and powerful BL4D battery resting comfortably in the plastic casing.

Beneath the plastic casing you have the product manuals , the OVI suite installation dvd,  the USB to micro USB cable ,  the charger and the Nokia WH-701 headset.

One thing that I have observed is that Nokia loves to change the type of headset it provides with every N-series handset , but this is the first time I have come across a N-Series handset with "in ear" earphones with silicone buds , rather than the standard "ear bud" earphones. I've always had a problem with the traditional earphones that all the other N-series handsets came with as the kept popping out of my ears while jogging. The WH-701 comes with a set of adjustable silicone ear plugs that can adjust to any ear size. Even though the N97 is not a music centric phone , I am very pleased that Nokia decided to provide the WH-701 headset with the N97 mini.

3. The Handset

The N97 mini is gorgeous. The bronze finish makes is look real classy. Much like a mixture between the sharp E series and the playful N series.
The N97 mini feels sturdy in the hand and has a very sturdy "snap" sound when you slide the keypad open and close it. Overall , from the exterior , the phone feels like it was sturdily built and there are no creaks and groans or wobbly sliders as was the case with the N95 when it was launched. Over the years Nokia seems to have perfect the qwerty slider mechanism and its latest sliders - The E75 , the N97 and the N97 mini seem to be proof of just that. The Carl Zeiss 5 Mega pixel cam takes decent pictures , although I did click a few and found them to be pretty grainy. I dont know if this is because of the plastic scratch guard on the lens. I'll probably put it head to head against my Nokia N95 (which in my opinion is still the best camera-phone ever made by Nokia !!)

Well, This was a brief unboxing of the Nokia N97. I am thinking if  writing a comparison review of the N97 mini  v/s the Android G1. What do you think readers ? Would you like to see how the N97 mini matches up against the Android G1 ? Please leave your opinions and suggestions in the comments.

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