Wednesday, 19 December, 2007

emTube ..The best S60 youtube client yet !!

Forget about waiting for integrated .flv support...emTube has given us symbian users what we've all be waiting for so long . and the best part is ..its FREE !! You can head over to and download the app. Also ...please remember to donate to the author if you find this app useful.

The interface is so smooth and uses the S60 PIPS library (the same libraries used by the quake port to S60) . The menus and navigation are like any typical s60 menu and thus need no getting used to. There even is a version which uses the N95's inbuilt accelerometer and the screen goes to landscape mode when you tilt the phone.

The volume control keys at the side work too...and it allows you to play the video even at the point where 75% buffering is complete . You can also directly download a video to your phone and view it at a later time.
There is an integrated search feature where you can search for videos just as you would do in youtube. You can also browse the most watched and recently added categories etc.

In all this is the killer app so many users were waiting for. Thank you Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz for giving us this wonderful app.

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